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15.08 Release Notes

Watershed items are the most important changes in the release. They are indicated in the release notes by a


GPS coordinates of consultants recorded on login and responses.

Do you need to know where your staff are when they login or make a response on a service request? Perhaps you have to reassure your customers that they were on site for the billed period, or you need to know where they are to help with scheduling the next job.

Pulse now records the location of the consultant on login and making responses. This data is available as a Google Earth view as well as in raw form.

This new functionality is available in the main application and mobile interface. The mobile apps will be updated in due course.

Built-in editor for HTML email templates

Pulse now includes an HTML editor for your email notification templates. This ensures that the formatting is correct and allows images and signatures to be easily embedded. It will also automatically create the plain text template needed for older email systems.

Status scoreboard simplification

Users who are only able to view service requests assigned to them will now only see one column in the left hand Status Scoreboard toolbar.


Sales order costing improvements

We have extended the sales order functionality to include per-line and per-frequency totals, as well as margin calculations. The sales order also has a status to indicate whether it is within budget or not.

Quote workflow improvements

Version 15.08 has improved workflow in quotes so that the following rules are applied:
1) You can only make an invoice from a quote after it is approved, sent and accepted
2) You cannot make an invoice from a rejected quote
3) You cannot make any further invoices if the quote is fully invoiced
4) Quotes that are fully invoiced are automatically marked as such

Purchase order multiline delete

Line items can now be selected in bulk for deletion. This is especially useful when the purchase order is made off another document, such as a sales order.

Back end financial enhancements

Pulse financials now include automated year-end rollover journals and new transactional roll-ups. These make reporting and year end faster and easier than ever before.

Client Portal

Client portal knowledge base / document repository

The Pulse client portal is now able to host a document repository. You are in complete control of the folder structure, and all major document types (including audio and video) are supported.

This is disabled by default to prevent your customers seeing an empty knowledge base, so please let us know if you would like to use it.


Improved remote monitoring of your Pulse Enterprise system

Along with the continual incremental improvements in user interfaces and stability, version 15.08 brings improved remote monitoring of your Pulse installation so that we can respond to problems more quickly.

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