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16.01 Release Notes

Watershed items are the most important changes in the release. They are indicated in the release notes by a


Pulse scheduler now has a working week view

Unless you are servicing customers 24/7, seeing weekends in the visual scheduler is not useful. You can now click a checkbox to view Working Week Days, with Monday following Friday to make better use of the available space.

Note: Working Week view is only available for week and month views.

Improved Service Request and Response searches

You should notice a significant improvement in speed when searching for Service Requests and Responses. This improvement was achieved through query optimisations and by only returning results from the last year by default. You can still request the full list of results when required.

Finally, your search results are now more relevant as prefixes such as quotes, hashes and commas are ignored by the search engine.

Desktop Notifications

Are you using Pulse pop-up notifications? If you are interested in Pulse notifying you in a manner other than email or SMS, then ask us how to set up this powerful notification method.

As of version 16.01 desktop notifications are included, never miss a notification, even if you are on a different tab or your browser is minimised.

Pulse can enforce actual hours on non-project Service Requests

If you use time-based billing, it may be useful to ensure that that time is captured on a Service Request before it is closed.


An entirely new self-reporting engine

Some of our users want Pulse technicians to build reports to their specifications, while others just wish they could slice and dice the data themselves. We have now taken the first steps in this direction, empowering you to extract data from your installation and build tabular reports with the grouping, summarising and totals that are useful to you.

These reports can be used in Excel to build pivot tables, for example, or can be pinned to your Pulse home screen for daily live consumption.


Billing frequency settable on the quote

Line items on quotes can have different billing frequencies that then carry through to the invoices generated on the specified cycle. The billing frequency is set on the catalogue item, and in this release we have introduced the flexibility to change it on a quote if required.

Client Portal

The Service Request description is now mandatory on the Client Portal

The Service Request description in the main Pulse application has always been mandatory, so we have improved consistency by making it mandatory on the Client Portal too.


Automatic logout after a period of inactivity

In the modern world data security is a justifiably high priority. We take this very seriously and have a number of measures in the background to secure your hosted data, but this is of limited worth if users leave themselves logged into unsecured computers.

If the above concerns you, then you might be interested in automatic logout after a period of inactivity. The logout process will be familiar to most users of internet banking.

Automatic logout is disabled by default, so let us know if you would like us to enable this feature.

Miscellaneous Improvements

As always we have made numerous usability improvements.

We have also worked hard on background processes to improve speed, stability and built new tools that make it easier for us to support you, our users.

To find out more, book a consultation with one of our Systems Analysts.