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16.06 Release Notes

Watershed items are the most important changes in the release. They are indicated in the release notes by a


Further Integration with Outside Escalated Service Requests

Outside Escalation is a powerful means of passing work on to a third party provider that is also running a Pulse Service Desk. In previous versions, Responses were only passed between partners when linked to a status change. With 16.06, it is now possible to pass all Responses between systems so that they are available for viewing on any of the Service Requests in the Outside Escalation chain. It is also possible to pass attachments between partners.

There are security and privacy concerns related to sending information to your partners, so this option is not enabled by default. If you would like us to turn it on, please contact us.


Export Service Request List to Excel with Current Filters Applied

The Service Request List is often the most useful way to filter and view Service Requests. Want to see all open Service Requests for a client? A single dropdown selection will deliver what you need. Looking for all faults logged in a date range that is now closed? Again, a few simple clicks and you have what you need.

In 16.06 we have now made it possible to export your selection to Excel. Click the Excel icon and wait a few seconds for Pulse to prepare the file. Once it is ready, the icon changes and you can download the file.

Recurrent Meeting Agenda and Minutes

We are very excited to include meeting agendas and minutes right inside the Pulse application. By using a recurrence pattern, the agenda will continue to evolve from one meeting to the next, with resolved items falling away from subsequent agendas and unresolved ones remaining.

Attendees can be added from the list of contact people at the client, Pulse consultants, and free text entries.

There is a header section for items such as apologies and previous minute acceptance.

The meeting items are in the lines section, where status, due dates, ownership, and action are all available to set.

Previous minutes are available directly on the agenda so that everything is available for review at the meeting or afterwards.


Confirmation when Unlinking Systems from Contracts

We have added a confirmation dialogue to the action of unlinking systems from contracts.



Fully Allocated Tick Box in Supplier Payments can be Hidden

Not everyone uses the fully allocated functionality in Supplier Payments and removing it helps to unclutter the form. Let us know if you would like it removed.

Attachments on Credit Notes and Invoices

Continuing with our roll out of attachments on all documents, we have extended them to credit notes and invoices (both customer and supplier).



Search for Hidden Systems

It has always been possible to search for hidden systems on a client record, but not across all systems held in Pulse. We have now made it possible to include hidden systems in the top search.

Client Portal

Client Portal Surveys

Pulse Surveys have had another improvement. Instead of starting off linked to a Service Request they can start linked to a system to be filled in on the client portal. Only if the score for the survey is lower than a configured value will a ServiceRequest be generated.

Surveys can be used to have maintenance checklists completed against equipment at remote locations, for example. This allows non-technical staff to run a series of tests against the equipment, and a Service Request is automatically logged for a technician if required.

Remove the Forgot Password Link on the Client Portal

In certain installations, the client portal is used as a branch login for internal requests, with a shared login. One person resetting the password then locks other users out, so it is now possible to hide the ‘Forgot Password’ link.

General Consistency Improvements

As always there are numerous small consistency and usability improvements in this release.

To find out more, book a consultation with one of our Systems Analysts.