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16.10 Release Notes

Watershed items are the most important changes in the release. They are indicated in the release notes by a


DIY Reporting

We are very excited about the DIY Reporting engine which enables you to design your own reports inside Pulse. Simply use the datasets provided and construct your own tables or graphs. You can pin these to your front page, and choose to roll them out to more of your users’ front pages too. Tabular reports can be exported to Excel, while graphs can be printed or exported to .png, .jpeg, .pdf and SVG vectors.

If you are a service user, you will find two reports that we have made for you - the Top 10 Job Openers on your front page service tab, and a summary of Jobs over the last 14 days per client.

For more information, please view our brief video here: DIY Reporting Video.



Improvements to the Meeting Agenda

With the addition of sections and the previous meeting notes and actions, the agenda is a powerful way to run a meeting quickly using and capturing data inside Pulse.

Changes to the Notifications Grid

The notification grid was one of the remaining sections in Pulse that needed restyling. This release brings a fresh new look that makes it easy to see what notifications are set up, and all propagations are done from the same window.

This update includes the ability to propagate a notification to a selection of clients, rather than just all clients or all clients in the same group.


Removal of Old Shortcuts

A few people are still using the old shortcuts dashlet in their Service front tab. Since all the functionality in the shortcuts is available elsewhere, freeing up space for useful dashlets, we have removed the old shortcuts dashlet in this release.

Optionally Extend Contract End Date if System Covered To Date is Set Later than Contract End Date

If you change the end date of your coverage of an installed system, it is often necessary to extend a related contract end date as well. This improvement gives you the option to do so at the same time as the covered date.

Categories of Service Requests Made from Sales Orders Configurable

If you make Service Requests from Sales Orders you may find that the default categories, inherited from the client, are not applicable. Contact us if you would like us to configure a different set of categories.

Indication on Quotation if it has Ever had a Set Status

In some organisations, quote workflow includes multiple approval steps, and it is useful to know if the quote in front of you has been in applicable statuses in the past. If you would like an indication of these statuses let us know, and we will set it up for you.

New Security to Control Who Can View and Set Consultant Rates

The rates at which you reimburse your consultants for travel, time and overtime can be sensitive. In 16.10 you are now able to control who can view them, and also who can set them.

The Top Client Search No Longer Populates the Search Box with the Client Details

The top client search was confusing when the full client details were displayed in the search box after selecting the client. We now leave the text you entered in the search box so that you can more easily search again if necessary.



Additional Sort Options on the Transactions Listing Page

The GL accounts can now be sorted by date as well as subject.

Date Range Selector on the Customer Statement Page

Customer statements can now be generated for a date range.

Supplier Invoice Fields Removed

Some confusing duplication has been removed from the supplier invoice.



A New Project Listing Page

The listing of Projects under a client was in need of some tidying up, so we have rewritten the page and made it more consistent with the rest of Pulse.

There is now only one button to make a new Project - leave the drop-down on ‘- No Template -‘ to make a blank one, or select a template use.


Audit of Catalogue Item Pricing

There is now an audit of changes made to the prices of Catalogue Items. Please note that this is only available for changes made after the upgrade to version 16.10 or higher.

Additional Fields in the System Import

The system import now supports the following fields:

  • Cost Price
  • Cancellation Date
  • Approve Cancellation


Task Responses Editable

Task Responses can now be edited after creation if required.

Client Portal

Client Portal Description Templates

The Pulse Client Portal is a powerful way for your customers to log requests and view the progress of existing ones. To help your customers provide the information you require, it is now possible to set-up prompts that populate the Description on your side with the relevant information.


Speech Bubble Instructions

At Pulse, we like documenting new functionality, but are aware that what our users really want is to get down to business and use Pulse to help them do so. With this in mind, we have started using Speech Bubbles to highlight important functionality. Do not worry – we are very selective, so you will not have something popping up on every screen, and when you are done you can click ‘ Got it’ to never see it again.

Search Improvements

All of our searches have been improved for speed, with consistent results across modules. You can also search within the set returned to drill down if the results were too numerous.

Default Consultant Grouping on Client Interface

Previously, a client's consultants and their various roles appeared across different tabs. We have grouped them together to make it easier to see and assign them.

Expense Claim Dashboards Cleaned Up

The expense claim dashboard has had some work to make it more reader friendly.

General Consistency Improvements

As always there are numerous small consistency and usability improvements in this release.

To find out more, book a consultation with one of our Systems Analysts.